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Zrenjanin National Museum

Subotićeva 1, 23000 Zrenjanin
Phone Number:+381 (0)23 561 841
Phone/fax:+381 (0)23 534 020

About us

Zrenjanin National Museum is a museum of complex type with regional character. Its research covers Central Banat District. This kind of organization enabled rich cultural heritage from the area, divided into fields such as nature, archeology, ethnology, history, and art to be systematically preserved and professionally estimated by trained professionals of a specified institution. More than 33,000 museum objects are classified as collections of five departments, some of the collections being: collection of firearms and cold weapons, collection of gilt hats, collection of paintings especially from the 18th and the 19th century, collection of pre-historic and Middle Age jewellery, bird collection. The museum also has its pedagogical-informative service, documentation centre, restoration and conservation workshops, photography department, carpenters’ studio, as well as its own library with over 5,000 vocational titles. 1200m2 of the museum space is designated as area for permanent exhibition. On the first floor the visitors are invited to visit the artistic part of our permanent exhibition, comprised of two segments – visual arts and applied arts. On the first floor there is also sports’ room while on the second floor another part of the permanent exhibition is on display, comprised ofcollections organized by: natural-history, archaeology, history and ethnology departments. The collections are presented either as part of the permanent exhibition or through various theme exhibitions. At the moment, there are three exhibition spaces on the ground floor of the building – the Salon, the Small Salon and Museum Hall which was adapted to suit the purpose. The Salon is entered from the main city square. It is a space of 200m2, equipped with modern technology, air-conditioned and well-lighted, thus being the most exclusive exhibition room in the city. The Museum has its own security service as well as video surveillance. Due to its great number of visitors – more than 85,000, 34 theme exhibitions and renovation of the permanent exhibition, Zrenjanin National Museum was awarded as the best Serbian Museum for the year 2006. For the period between 2005 and 2010, the most visited exhibitions were: Uroš Predić (2005) – 17,174, Leonardo da Vinci in Zrenjanin (2007) – 15,560, Sceletons Alive (2008) – 13,022, Uniform in Serbia in 19th and 20th century (2008) – 12,265, Living Together (2006) – 9,881, Stevan Aleksić (2006) – 9,590, Đura Popović’s collection of paintings and sculptures (2008) – 9,022, Primal Art – cave paintings, body art (2009) – 8,695, Zrenjanin Sport History (2006) – 7,695, Those wonderful colours of the citizens (2009) – 7,619. Apart from the exhibitions, Zrenjanin National Museum also organises workshops, classical music concerts, film projections, promotions, literary nights, seminars and lectures. The ambassadors of numerous countries have visited our city due to various programmes organised by the Museum. By means of these exhibitions and acompanying programme the cultures of France, Africa, China, Japan, Boka-Kotorska Bay were presented. Along with cultural exchange and cooperation with the aforementioned regions, the work of Zrenjanin National Museum enabled contact with the leaders of our city.